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Design Molvi Press Release


Unusual Way of Clearing Misconceptions about Islam

 Leicester, United Kingdom - July 28, 2011 - The 21st Century Muslim’s awakening came as the first of the planes crashed into the twin towers. Ever since then it has been a global struggle to stand up and clear Islam’s name. But the message is slow in getting out and still people carry grave misconceptions about the religion of peace.

This is where Design Molvi comes in. Design Molvi is a unique design boutique that sells islamic clothing. We cater for the Muslim market by designing bright, colourful, and engaging t-shirts carrying funny ethical and Islamic messages. Through the medium of humour we will eradicate ignorance.

The flagship t-shirt "Smile, It's Sunnah" is an emblem of Design Molvi's primary goal of spreading the peaceful teachings of faith. But there is plenty of levity too: "Muslim Fun-damentalist" is a new design that deals with a difficult topic in a fun and frank way. Design Molvi also captures the Zeitgeist of the time with designs such as "Islam: 0% interest" reflecting the surge in interest in Islamic Finance in the post-credit-crunch era. New designs are produced twice every week, with Design Molvi customers often the source of many ideas.

Design Molvi co-founder, Ammar Khan, says, “The response to our brand has been overwhelmingly positive. In particular, we were surprised by the interest shown from people in Muslim countries. We have set-up an aggressive marketing plan to reach these countries by the end of 2011. Customer experience is at the heart of our operations and we believe long-term our revenues will stem from word-of-mouth marketing and repeat customers.”

With over 10,000 likes on their Facebook fan page in only a few weeks, Design Molvi is quickly becoming a popular brand in the Muslim market. They have set targets of achieving 100,000 likes by the end of this year and they plan to do this by providing excellent customer service and constantly innovating.

Design Molvi’s aims are threefold: 

1.) To spread our message of love and peace all across the globe

2.) To put the cool back into t-shirt wearing

3.) To become a market leader in the UK, the Middle East, and the US in the next five years.